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Offer your customers Quality Only by stocking the best Golf Cart Wheels, Tires & Accessories on the market. And get amazing support while you do it! It's as easy as filling out a TREX dealer application below (click the PDF image) and emailing it to: info@trexgolfcart.com

If you have any questions before applying to become a TREX dealer, please email us and we'll give you a call to answer any questions you might have about TREX products or becoming a dealer. Don't wait, and don't miss out on offering unique products that will unlock higher sales and attract new customers. We purposely limit our dealer network to maintain exclusivity:




Top TREX Dealer of 2023 

Golf Cart Tire Supply

Each year we award our top dealer in the nation bragging rights on our website. For the past 6 years, no one has out-hustled the Golf Cart Tire Supply when it comes to selling TREX Golf Cart Accessories