About Us


TREX Golf Cart Accessories: QUALITY ONLY.

TREX was founded in 2016 to create the most unique and high-quality golf cart wheels, tires, and accessories in the world. We understand that most golf cart owners these days use their carts in many more places than the golf course. And we got tired of seeing the same golf cart wheels on every cart out there: so we did something about it with an intense focus on QUALITY ONLY. We only manufacturer accessories that we would use ourselves: HIGH-QUALITY, completely unique designs, and produced for the modern golf carts of today.

Cool Products, Making Good People Happy

Our number one goal is to make people happy. This means our customers (the dealers who sell our products) and the golf cart owners who use them alike. Golf Cart owners deserve to have products that look AMAZING and won't ever leave them feeling like they didn't get the value they paid for. We guarantee when you use TREX products, you'll want to show off your stuff =)

We are one of the fastest growing golf cart accessory brands for a reason: we are dedicated to giving our dealers an edge. All things aside, we're just a family owned business based in the sunbelt of America (Scottsdale, AZ). We truly LOVE our golf carts just as much as our customers do.